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These are selected examples of Paul Smith's UI / UX design and development, digital graphics, web and application coding in HTML 5, CSS, and javascript.  

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UI UX Design & Development:

Working on multiple G o o g l e projects from 2010-2015 - Google Shopping Express, Google Help, AdWords Express, DoubleClick For Publishers, AdSense, Google Support Technical Operations, and many internal applications, owning graphics, user research, interaction design, prototyping, and front end Html 5, css, and javascript engineering. Click here for examples and prototypes

PayPal - eBay

Web development and UI design:

I worked with the PayPal Web Development engineering and graphics teams to create application prototypes and improvements to the PayPal web site user experience. Also responsible for implementing xhtml, css, and YUI scripting code to help integrate the new 3rd party PayPal Apps. Prototype for PayPal 3rd Party Apps - YUI-scripted App Tray

PayPal Web Site


Web development

XHTML layout, cross-browser validation, UI design and production for major ecommerce site, Walmart.com. Created and developed for new home site and new sub-site marketplace partner portal, incuding popup widgets, email templates, and all walmart.com footers. walmart.com web site walmart.com Marketplace Partner portal site template design spec for Partner Portal help widget popup

CSRware Sustainability Software

Web and Application Design and Development:

Created and maintained the CSRware corporate web site, the Sustainability Initiatives Dashboard which utilizes live database feeds to dynamically update the flash-based charts, and also worked with the development team to finalize and launch the CSRware Sustainability Portal application. CSRware Sustainability Software Home Site CSRware Sustainability Initiatives Dashboard

King-Tek EDM inc.

UI design and development:

I was asked to create a simple, clean design that also featured flash demos, lots of product photo work, and an effective 'walk-through' style that quickly gave customers a clear view of the King-Tek EDM process and facilities. The site is 508 compliant with a css layout in which the javascript degrades gracefully for non-css and jscript users. King-Tek Web Site King-Tek Overview - Flash Presentation

Intuit Quickbooks Community Site

Web development:

As UI designer / developer and webmaster, I maintained and updated the QBC site (with xhtml, css, javascript, and graphics) articles, FAQs, and weekly forums with live guest experts, and also created all of the weekly email blasts for these "QuickBooks Ask The Expert" forums. QBC Small Business Forum "QuickBooks Ask The Expert" email blast example

Voltage Security Software

UI / UX Development:

Using 508 compliant xhtml/css/javascript/jsp-template coding to create and maintain validating bullet-proof layouts for the Voltage Key Mgt & Administration UI and ZDM Dashboards.  Cool project: Gmail and other web-mail clients strip out images and external css, so for Voltage SecureMail I created background vectors and shadows using only cross-browser compatible inline CSS. Voltage Crypto Key Administrator Dashboard SecureMail example

Zmanda Open Source Backup

Web UI Design and Development:

Created current Zmanda web site, including a unified color scheme tied to application UI themes, DHTML rotating ads, and clear, intuitive navigation flow. Also helped develop the UI for the Zmanda backup and recovery management LAMP application. Created and published zmanda web and print ads, promotions, and datasheets. Zmanda Web Site Redesign Datasheet Example: Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL

San Jose State University


Teaching xhtml, css, and best practices in web design, accessibility, and logical UI frameworks in LIBR 240 "Information Technology Tools - xhtml / css / UI design", a Graduate Level course at SJSU. Taught online with intros to xhtml, css, xml, ajax, cgi, php, the DOM, javascript, photoshop, and flash. Authored all course documents, elearning, and on-line tutorials: San Jose State University Course LIBR 240 - Syllabus LIBR 240 Sample Lesson - 'Javascript CSS and DHTML'

Apple iPhoto Software

XML engineering, UI design and development:

Created layouts in xml code integrating raster and vector graphic objects and user logic within the iPhoto software application. Also worked to compile a comprehensive set of improvements for the iPhoto app's usability and interface navigation as it related to the Apple HIG (Human Interface Guidelines) and developed design recommendations for improvement of the user experience. Apple iPhoto UI and Usability Design Recommendations Sample - Apple iPhoto Card Calendar and Book Themes

Ketera Procurement Software

Web development and graphic design:

Day to day webmaster duties included updating the entire Ketera site, news and press releases, etc. plus graphic design and flash animation.   Notable accomplishment: In response to a spam-bot attack on their contact forms which had Ketera blacklisted by Google and other search engines, I developed hack-resistant php and salesforce-integrated registration forms and got them off the black list :o) Ketera Spend Analysis Demo - Flash Presentation Ketera Procurement Software Home

Lam Research

Web development and graphic design:

I was tasked to create new intranet sites for a variety of company organizations and also worked on the Lam Research www home site. I also created the UI interface and html for a custom version of the WebBoard chat and sharing application, used by Lam Research for secure internal discussions and collaborations worldwide. Lam Research www home site Lam Research CEO site