This is to demonstrate some proposed features for aMaze Case Consult with only certain HTML elements active. Follow these steps to see a typical use case and user flow:
  1. Click 'Request Consult' tab
  2. Click the 'What's your Issue?' field.
    • See examples of saved templates and recent issues.
  3. Type in the issue, 'ad unseen'.
    • See an issue-based sample category list of results for 'ad unseen'.
    • You can also modify Product in dropdown list or expand the Category Tree search.
    • Help articles based on the user's keyword appears.
    • Click on a help article title to see an example of a contextual in-page help article.
  4. Click the first result in the issues category list ('Ad Rotation...')
    • See an example of a support team-generated form.
  5. Review the Form and hit 'Send'
    • You can save a consult request as a template
  6. See your open tickets under the 'My Consults' tab
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