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Who Are We and What Do We Do?

CSRware saves enterprises money and improves efficient energy usage with software to manage the financial benefits of environmental sustainability.

Savvy companies know that sustainability to manage energy and carbon emissions has a major impact on the bottom line. Using natural resources efficiently reduces costs associated with energy and water consumption, waste generation and regulatory compliance. It also helps minimize the risk of fines and penalties, operational disruptions and negative impacts to corporate image.

Our solution is used by leading global corporations to maximize the effectiveness of their energy efficiency, carbon management, waste and water reduction and related operational and compliance efforts, as well as to streamline reporting to the Carbon Disclosure Project, the Global Reporting Initiative and other interested parties.

Delivered through a simple Web-browser, CSRware can help you maximize the effectiveness and ROI of your corporate sustainability programs.  Contact us today to find out how easy it is to better understand, account for and reduce your resource costs and environmental impact.

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