Core Values

Our purpose is to sustain the health of our natural environment using practical and sustainable best practices. CSRware is committed to bridging the gap between IT, Sustainability, EH&S, Real Estate and other key operational groups as well as the public and private sector, leveraging existing enterprise technology and environmental science expertise to provide the tools the corporate market needs to pro-actively reduce climate change impact.

Our journey includes:

  • A commitment to sustaining the health of our planet
  • A work environment that encourages passion and the spirit of integrity
  • Giving back to society by protecting our natural environment
  • Promoting sustainable and ethical business practices
  • Innovative thinking that produces alternative ways to conduct business
  • Respect for future generations

We are committed to education, creating enthusiasm and finding ways to easily integrate sustainability and corporate social responsibility into the culture of our society.

Our Mission

Since 2006, CSRware's mission and values are driven by our passion to make a difference with innovative people and solutions to address difficult geopolitical problems. As a company, and as individuals, CSRware is committed to delivering innovative technology to promote environmental sustainability, carbon accounting and energy efficient solutions to ensure our customers conduct business in way that preserves our resources for future generations.Our core business strategy is to deliver solutions that promote Sustainability / Green principles in all aspects of a business operation. As an early market leader, CSRware is proud to continue its influence on the Carbon Accounting and Green performance management markets.

CSRware addresses 21st century challenges for the enterprise by finding more efficient ways of doing business in a world with limited natural resources and a thirst for our economic growth. Our goal is to free up companies to focus on core competencies, while CSRware professionals focus sustainability (energy efficiency, carbon management) demands by assessing, optimizing and providing long-term enterprise sustainability planning. CSRware offers a software solution to track, quantify and report on carbon and energy impacts in a repeatable manner. Our software solution is offered to calculate and mitigate risk of the enterprise ecosystem footprint.

In addition, our professional services group bridges the gap between sustainability management, data center operations and information technology. We assist our customer by offering best practices and industry standards while adding environmental science expertise to find more cost effective ways to reduce environmental impacts.

What you do not measure, you cannot manage and it is CSRware's Mission to make it easy for you.

Take action now - do not wait for regulation.

Gov Schwarzenegger