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CSRware provides business with Carbon Management, Sustainability Reporting and Supply Chain Compliance services to add to your bottom-line value. "Going Green" means more than public relations. It is now driven by increasing regulation, consumer behavior and investor pressure. Our team of professionals make environmental sustainability and enterprise carbon accounting an ROI reality.

Every business is unique. We understand that one size does not fit all. CSRware offers services to provide a well-constructed plan specific to the needs of your enterprise. CSRware software is more than a web-based software tool. CSRware's team of sustainability and carbon professionals are ready to help your organization manage its carbon initiatives and reporting objectives.

To achieve quick results and ensure that a team within your organization is ready to carry out the internal sustainability project in the future, CSRware offers training on carbon and energy assessment, identifying key data sources, and unique management techniques.

CSRware’s sustainability consultants offer three levels of service based on where you are in the process.

Level 1: Full Service Consulting

CSRware’s team collects the necessary data from your team and location, then creates and delivers a reporting methodology to ensure your company is prepared to report to the Carbon Disclosure Project, Global Reporting Initiative or other relevant reporting parties.

This solution is suggested for organizations that are performing their first carbon or GHG assessment and report to 3rd parties or internal management.

Level 2: Train-the-Trainer

CSRware’s sustainability consultants train a team within your organization on sustainability management and how to use the CSRware software. The newly-trained internal team then collects the carbon related data while CSRware controls and guarantees the quality of data and delivers the report using the CSRware Energy & Sustainability Management software.

This solution is suggested for organizations that are performing their first carbon report or assessment, but would like to implement a repeatable process using a software tool for future use by the internal team.

Level 3: Software Training and Deployment

CSRware provides comprehensive training on sustainability and carbon management techniques, supply chain compliance and the carbon management process to ensure that the organization will get the maximum benefit out of our software platform. The training will focus on how to best utilize the software across the organization.

This solution is recommended for organizations that have experience in carbon & sustainability assessment or already have experts on staff.

The challenge to bring together all aspects of the organization is virtually impossible. CSRware works with customers to integrate key information to offer a comprehensive solution using a proven methodology and years of experience.

CSRware consulting benefits to our customers:

    • Implement a repeatable global sustainability strategy
    • Selection of key industry standard metrics for measuring performance and reporting
    • Reporting templates for the Carbon Disclosure Project and Global Reporting Initiative
    • Common language to articulate to various stakeholders
    • Best practices to reduce consumption and spend associated with natural resources

Additional Assessment Services

Sustainable Real Estate - Property/Asset Management

Our team is well positioned to prepare your buildings for LEED certification. By using our standard framework, we can quickly execute on a plan to move your buildings toward LEED and ENERGY STAR certification. As an ENERGY STAR partner, CSRware is well versed on Portfolio Manager and other key elements to achieve or maintain certification.

CSRware's professional services team applies a successful methodology and gap analysis to ensure sustainability initiatives are driven by what matters to your company and its stakeholders. With our proven standards, CSRware professionals will assess energy consumption, energy spend and ways to reduce all aspects of costs associated with running and managing key properties across large portfolios.

Our services are designed to get your project off the ground quickly and provide our customers with access to data inputs to audit accuracy of achievements. For more information on CSRware solutions, please go to: www.csrware.com/solutions.htm

For more information on how to get started, please contact info@csrware.com.

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