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Reducing Costs with Green IT

A leading IT solutions company - with over 7000 employees, 40 offices and 150,000 customers around the world - wanted to reduce the cost and carbon footprint in its IT operations. The question was how to consolidate all of its energy use data, calculate the resulting carbon emissions and track the results of its efficiency efforts over time.

The answer ... CSRware.

CSRware Green IT Software

CSRware's Green IT Performance Management solution made it easy to consolidate data from the company's ERP systems, utility bills and spreadsheets generated throughout the organization and automatically convert the results into a baseline of carbon, energy, waste and water. It also made it easy to identify potential savings through integrated best practices and efficiency recommendations and track the company's progress against its efficiency goals.

Now the company has a handle on its energy use and knows which aspects of its IT operations have the greatest impact on its overall carbon footprint and energy costs. It is even looking at incorporating the capabilities of the CSRware solution into its own products to help its Fortune 500 and other customers save money and make their IT operations more environmentally friendly.

Bringing Visibility and Control to Supply Chain Sustainability

CSRware Sustainability Management Software

One of the top information services providers in the world – with over 10,000 employees, 130 offices and hundreds of partners spread around the world – wanted to reduce the environmental impact of its supply chain operations. The question was how to assess, enhance and report on sustainability initiatives of several hundred global suppliers, including their involvement in carbon accounting, the Carbon Disclosure Project and the Global Reporting Initiative.

The answer ... CSRware.

CSRware’s Sustainability Performance Management solution made it easy to establish a baseline by providing each supplier access to a Web-based portal pre-configured with a survey designed to gather the required information. Each supplier’s information then flowed to a central repository where it was scored against criteria established by the client company, benchmarked against the results of other suppliers and aggregated for management review through role-specific dashboards and reports – along with best practices and recommendations for improvement.

Now the company has a clear picture of where its suppliers stand and how they are progressing against their sustainability goals. Best of all, it can use this information to make informed and objective decisions about which vendors and suppliers to use and what incentives to employ in further ‘greening’ its supply chain.

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